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Locksmith Articles and Locksmith How To Information

Digital Deadbolt Installation- How to Do It

by Justin Himes on 01/23/17

When it comes to boosting the security of your home there are a lot of things that you can do. These include keeping a security dog and adding an alarm system. But, unless you have the best deadbolt your home is not secure. This is according to most locksmiths. Country Lock and Key says that most burglars use forced entry to enter your home and steal. Since the deadbolts are not functioning well they are able to force themselves into your home. 

A digital deadbolt is a type of deadbolt having a steel lock that links it to the strike plate of the door frame. Although the most common one is the single cylinder some people prefer the double cylinder that requires a key to be operated from both inside and outside.

Installing a digital deadbolt

If you are installing it into an existing hole then you will not have to examine the doorjamb. However, to confirm the striker to the jamb you should turn the handle for the bolt to protrude outside. Shut the door so that the bolt lies against the doorjamb and then mark the center of the bolt using a sharp pencil. Using a square, move this line into the inside and measure the distance from the center of the bolt to the outside of the door. You need to use a ruler to measure it and then move this measurement onto the pencil line. 

Next, Use the striker plane and a sharp utility knife and mark it around the striker. You can then remove the striker and the screws and then drill a 19mm hole into the center of the area. Finally, chisel it out and make sure that the bolt strikes easily without being held. Remember, you need to use a sharp chisel instead of a blunt one.

However, if you are not sure you should not hesitate to contact locksmith bow nh company such as Country Side Lock and Key to help you with digital deadbolt installation.


CountrySide Lock and Key New Youtube Intro Video

by Justin Himes on 01/19/17

Check out our new video intro for our upcoming youtube educational videos!

CountrySide Lock and Key - Locksmith Concord, NH


How to Replace Mailbox Lock If Your Keys are Lost

by Justin Himes on 01/18/17

What can you do if you are faced with mail box lock replacement? While there are many options such as calling your local post office, doing it yourself or calling locksmiths, the best choice depends on your preferences. However, if you are not sure about how to go about it you need to c Locksmith Concord NH for residential locksmith replacement.

But, if you have a cordless drill you can look for the one that fits nicely into the hole. The aim is to avoid damaging the housing of the lock. Ensure you do not apply a lot of pressure when drilling the lock. Just apply consistent pressure and drill straight. Once you do this, the mail box should be able to open without any problem. Next, you need to slide the metal clip and the lock bar holding the lock against the door. In case the lock nut is still attached to the lock, use a wrench to remove it. Once there is no clip holding it, pop it up and bring it to Locksmith Concord NH. By doing this, you will be able to get the exact match

After getting a new lock, insert it into the housing and then reconnect it to the configuration. You can then screw it up and you are done with the job. If you have the skills, the entire job should take you around minutes to complete without any issues. However, mail box locks are very delicate hence you should not go for DIY if you are not sure about the job. The best thing to do is to call your local locksmith who will respond very fast. They will drill your old mail box lock, insert a new one and hand you the key. Whatever your problem is they are there to help you solve your dilemma. Depending on your location they will provide you with a fast and reliable service.

New Hampshire's Best Rated Locksmith

by Justin Himes on 01/13/17

Countryside Lock and Key is not only locally owned but you can also count on us to deliver a prompt and professional service every time you need it. If you have a lock emergency or lock installation you can call us and we will send a qualified technician right away. Our mission is to provide the best service experience to every client that we have and solutions to our customers who are in need. We always strive to be the best in the industry through a commitment to technical expertise and installations of the best quality products to our customers.

As a company, we specialize in commercial and residential locksmith that covers everything from lock picking, key cutting, and many others. While we are majorly locksmiths we can always offer you emergency services including gasoline delivery, flat tire assistance, and even lockouts. When it comes to unlocking a lock we offer the most reliable and the fastest service 24 hours a day every day. At countryside lock and key we provide a range of professional services for businesses and corporations making us the best-rated locksmith.

As top rated locksmith, we serve all types of business including commercial building, front offices and residential clients that go with it. If you are in Hampshire, you need to know that we are the best-rated locksmith in this area. Our certified professional offers the best service that you will definitely be pleased with. Having several years of experience working on foreign and domestic models, you can always rest assured that you are safe with us. Our technicians regularly attend workshops and training to update their skills so that they can keep pace with the latest developments in the industry. We always work with modern state of art machines so that we can take care of any damage on your locks.

We are based in New Hampshire hence you can always call or email us so us to book an appointment. We promise not disappoint you.

Installing a Deadbolt in Proper Way

by Justin Himes on 01/09/17

As compared to other locks, a deadbolt lock is far much secure and strong. This is because their weights are more than the normal locks hence it takes a while for thieves to break in. It does not resemble a spring bolt which can easily be broken into or break. In fact, it does not open unless you rotate the lock cylinder. The common types of deadbolts include single cylinder, double cylinder and cylinder with removable turn. However, different manufacturers have different designs which you can choose from. The good thing is that most of them offer products that have high levels of resistant.

Being that the exterior door is made of wood, deadbolt installation can take place easily. While you can do it alone, it’s recommended that your hire professionals such as CountrySide Lock and Key locksmiths. This is especially true if you have a fiberglass or a steel door. To carry out deadbolt installation, you need to drill two holes on the door. You also need to drill another hole in the door jamb which is used to strike the plate. The lock comes with paper templates which are taped to the door and the jamb. Finally, you need to assemble the lock mechanism and screw the strike plate to the jamb using long screws. It’s also important to choose a new deadbolt that can be keyed to match your existing entry lock. The good thing is that professional locksmith concord NH can do this.

If you are not sure about some steps or don’t have the right tools do not hesitate to call CountrySide Lock and Key. They can report to your place within minutes and make sure the work is done well. This job is not only easy but these professionals will also inform you of where you went wrong. Some of their locksmiths even have free troubleshooting plans. Once you choose them, you can rest assured that you have made your house harder to break in with the best locksmith concord NH.

Picking a Well Qualified Locksmith

by Justin Himes on 01/05/17

Safety is important whether it is at your home or your business. One of the best ways to feel safe is to have good security. The most basic security that a person can have is a really good lock. The best way to make sure you have a good lock is to hire one of the many locksmiths in Concord, NH and get them to help you with the security of your home or office. If you have ever been locked out of car, you understand the need for an automotive locksmith.


Lock industry professionals are available in every community and if you ask around you will get recommendations for some quality locksmith services. Working with a trustworthy lock industry pro helps you to make sure that all your property is properly secured. They can evaluate your current locks. They can also look for opportunities to add new locking devices or work to repair existing locks so that they function better as a way to protect your property.


There are many options when it comes to locks and making sure you know what you are buying is key to your feeling of safety and security. Locksmiths are great to work with a consultant to make sure you are getting what you need from your locks. Sometimes locks are the only thing you have in your home or car that protect you from the outside world, so making sure the locks are working properly and are high quality is important. Countryside lock and key professionals are among the best locksmiths in Concord, NH who can help you with this.


Should your locking mechanisms ever be compromised, a trusted locksmith like Countryside lock and key can help you get your sense of security back. They can install new locks, add more locks or simply repair the damaged lock. They can also rekey an existing lock if the security breach is missing keys. Rekeying an existing lock can be a great way to go if a lock isn't damaged and missing keys are the security issue.


Sometimes, particularly for businesses, the best way to go is to spend the money upfront for a more expensive locking system. Countryside lock and key can make recommendations as to the best ones to buy. The more expensive locking systems allow for the firm to simply remove the locks core rather than the entire lock and handle. Removing the core is also a much more efficient way to handle a potential security breach involving your locking systems.



If you are working with a trusted and respected locksmith company like Countryside lock and key you should be able to get some great advice from them as what the best options are for your home and business. Do not be afraid to ask Locksmith Concord what they recommend and to ask all the questions you have. This is your security and your property that you are ultimately talking about.

Importance of Rekeying a Newly Purchased Home

by Justin Himes on 01/02/17

Importance of Rekeying a Newly Purchased Home

When you purchase a new home things such as mortgage, decoration, new neighbors and unpacking are usually on your mind that you forget about your security. Although you might feel nostalgic when you remember the presentation of the keys, rekeying your new home is a noble idea. If your house’s locks have not been replaced those who had copies of the keys could easily gain access to your new home. But should you rekey locks and how does it work?

How rekeying locks works

Rekeying a lock is the process of removing the springs and pins in the rekey locks and replacing them with new spring and pins that work with a different key. Unless the lock is not working well or a different style is needed, home locks can be rekeyed and made to operate well or even better. As compared to changing the whole lock this is a cost effective way. You can also buy DIY resources and rekeying kits so as to carry out rekey house process alone. However, if you are not sure, it’s recommended that you hire a professional.

Importance of rekeying a newly purchased home


When it comes to settling, security should be your number one concern. Since most people usually create spare keys, the previous owners may have had a few extra set of keys that they gave to family members, trusted neighbors, contractors or even friends. The idea of strangers accessing your home without your knowledge can be so unsettling. If you want to feel safe and secure after moving you can either change the locks or hire a locksmith Concord NH to rekey your locks. As compared to replacing your locks which is quite expensive, rekeying is the best option.

Rekeying gives you a piece of mind

When moving into your new home comfort is sometimes not the most important thing. Your peace comes first. It’s, therefore, important to rekey house locks before moving to other things such as decorating your home. It’s not only a quick process but a simple process as well. The original lock can be left on the door to protect the look of the door and the door plate. The locksmith can then adjust or replace pins to create a whole new lock pattern. Once you do this, you have a total control of your home. When you are absolutely sure that you are the only one having the keys, you can have peace of mind.


You can also use rekeying to unify your locks. This will save you from the confusion of having to move around with many keys. This may also come in handy if you own rental units. These keys can be arranged to meet your needs. More so, as compared to changing the locks rekeying your home locks will cost you less. If the existing locks are already secure you do not have to change them. You can simply rekey them and enjoy the added security advantage.


Before engaging this process, it’s important to hire a professional locksmith to do the work for you. Above all to stay secure, you need to rekey your newly purchased home with reputable locksmith Concord NH.