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Locksmith Articles and Locksmith How To Information

Residential Vault Installation

by Justin Himes on 03/06/17

CountrySide Lock and Key designs and installs custom Vaults. Check out pictures below of Vault in a customers home.  This unit was built in the basement.


CountrySide Lock and Key - Radio Ad

by Justin Himes on 03/02/17

We are pleased to share our new radio ad running on 93.3 the Wolf!

How to Install a Residential Mortise Lock and Lock Set

by Justin Himes on 02/25/17

We often get calls to install residential mortise lock sets.  This type of lock is the hardest to install for an home owner.  Most homeowners don't know how to get past the first and most important step, mortising out the door to accompidate the mortise lock cartridge. That is the tough part but once your past that it is as simple as using the template that comes with the new hardware for all the hole placements.  The locksmith secret is here! The tool we use is Pro-Lok's "mortise jig tool".  Any person can buy this on the web. If your hand anyone can mortise out the door with this tool.  Check out the picture below and if you have any questions call Countryside Lock and Key and we would be happy to help you.


CountrySide Lock and Key Jingle

by Justin Himes on 02/18/17

Check out the new CountrySide Lock and Key Jingle! We will be using this on our up and coming radio and TV commercials.


Locksmith Concord, NH

by Justin Himes on 02/11/17

Locksmith Countryside Lock and Key, the best Locksmith near Me

Whether you are locked out of your house or your car you need a locksmith who can get you in within minutes. At locksmith countryside lock and key we not only guarantee to get you in your car or house within minutes but we are also the best locksmith near me in Concord NH 03301. When it comes to locksmith services, we are the only name offering high quality locksmith services. Remember, accidents do occur and when they occur you need someone who is quick and trustworthy. Do not call any other locksmith, countryside lock and key is the only name in high quality residential and automotive locksmith services

When you are locked out, our experts have the latest technology that can help you unlock your house or car. We promise that we will get you into your house or car within a short time without any additional charges. Since we are the only locksmith near by you can call on us when you need emergency services. We also offer re keying, replacements, deadbolt installation, master key systems and high security locks. For residential locksmith services we offer many services such as re keying of locks and provision of new keys. We also offer security surveys and home security solutions as well as replacements, repair, and other services to your home.

When it comes to these services, most businesses and commercial services around the concord NH 03301 area normally inquire about our services. We do not disappoint since we provide many options that you can use to secure your commercial and business area. These include security upgrades, lock re keying, and emergency lockouts. As the near by locksmith, you can always rely on us when you need your locks replaced, re keyed, or changed. As a matter of fact, we are the only company that offers high quality services. For all your emergency services call us today and we will have you sorted.

How to Install a KABA lock

by Justin Himes on 02/09/17

Today we installed a KABA digital keyless entry lock.  This unit has a backup ICCore lock in it as well.  If your a Locksmith this is a highly recommend lock for all you commercial clients.  Look closely at the before picture. This shows you the additional holes that need to be drill to install the KABA lock.  The instruction manual that comes with your lock will have a template for these holes.  Simply hold it on the door, security it with tape and trace out new hole locations.  Once the holes are drilled its 5 minute job to assemble the rest on the lock.  Please note that if you buy one with ICCore housing like this one they are set up for 7 pin cylinders.  So its a good idea to have spacers on hand if the client needs you to transfer over a 6 pin cylinder. (we had to to do that for this client) If you need help on your project please contact us! [email protected] 603-224-7000

Electronic IC Core Gate Locks Installed

by Justin Himes on 02/05/17

CountrySide Lock and Key
Locksmith Concord NH 603-224-7000
Locksmith Manchester NH 603-623-5000



Late night for CountrySide Lock and Key. We installed electronic IC Core locks for a big commercial client at 2am so they could open their Brand New store on time!


Ford F-150 Key Duplication Back To Factroy Specs

by Justin Himes on 02/03/17

In this video I'm coping a customers Ford F150 key  to duplicate it back to factory specs. My machine can measure each cut on the key and determine what the cut depths original were from the factory.  This allows me to cut an original key from an old worn down key.  Enjoy!


603-224-7000 Locksmith Concord NH 03301

603-623-5000 Locksmith Manchester NH 03101

Country Side Lock and Key- The Best Locksmith That You Can Rely On

by Justin Himes on 02/02/17

With so many years in business, at Country lock and key locksmith, we are a complete lock and key service. We not only offer emergency services but also locksmith installation in your home, commercial property, and automobile. Our technicians are certified and skilled hence you can rest assured that your issue will be sorted. As the best-rated company, we are always ready to help you with all your locksmith issues. We are sure of the services that we provide to our customers.

At Locksmith Hooksett New Hampshire we are also mobile hence we can handle your problem regardless of where you are located. From rekeying to laser key cuts, you can trust us to cover you 24 hours. While there can be challenges to do with the traffic we are not new to New Hampshire hence we can respond to any of your issues if you have one. Some of the services that we offer include

· Emergency lockouts- Whether you are locked out of your business, home, or property Country Lock and Key always has you covered. We understand that being locked is one of the most serious issues hence we always respond as first as possible.

· Key duplication- If you need keys, we can help you with duplicates of almost every type of keys. This can save you if you are locked out of your business, home, or vehicle.

· Laser key cuts- We also offer laser key cuts, new locks installation, commercial lock solutions, and home automation solutions with some of the best technologies that exist today. We can actually show you the most recent technology in automation that can allow you unlock your home with ease.

As the best rated locksmith in Hooksett, New Hampshire 03106, you can count on us to take care of all your locksmith needs. When it comes to dealing with locks there is no job that is too big or too small hence we will always ensure that we deliver the best.

How to Replace a lost Automatic Car Keys or Get a Duplicate

by Justin Himes on 01/29/17

You never realize how important your keys are until you lose them. Since they are your ticket to moving around if you are stuck it can be quite challenging. Thankfully, if you find yourself in a fix there are many ways to replace a lost automotive car key. Unfortunately, doing this can be costly.

Before doing anything about getting a replacement, you first need to know the kind of car key that you want. You need to obtain the VIN number from the engine or the dashboard of the car key that needs replacement. Also, get the exact model, make, and the year when the vehicle was made. If your car is bit old, you need to contact an automotive locksmith to help you go about this. Making a call to Locksmith Concord NH can help you solve this problem with a lot of ease. Since this works for many cars, calling a locksmith can save you time and money.

If the key cannot be programmed you need to check if the locksmith can program it for you. You can also consider getting a transponder key or even laser cut key. If it’s so complex you can get a dealer to do it on your behalf. The replacement service may be done through the manufacturers hence ordering one may take one week. Before ordering one, you need to check the price and the reliability of the key. In some instances, the key is programmed in the factory before it can be sent to you.

Since the security of your car is very important, you should not stay with an unlocked car door. This can make your car unsafe and prone to theft. Replacing automotive keys can be costly hence you need to be prepared so that you are sure of the things needed. If it turns out that you can do it alone, just fix it. However, always try to contact a locksmith whenever possible. The best thing is to do some research before doing anything else.